Patrick finished his work for Nickelodeon’s “Hotel 13″ – Season 1

Patrick finished his work for Nickelodeon’s daily “Hotel 13″. 120 episodes with a length of 12 minutes have been recorded so far.

Hotel 13 airs daily on several Nickelodeon channels in northern Europe. 70 episodes of season 1 have already been broadcasted. With a market share of more than 25% the series is a huge succes – especially in the Nederlands.Starting in February, the following 50 episodes will be broadcasted. In early 2013, Patrick moves back from Antwerp, Belgium to Berlin. In January, there are already new dubbing projects for Nickelodeon’s hit series “Supah Ninjas”.

About Hotel 13:

Holidays! For a whole summer Tom, Anna, Liv, Florian, Victoria and Jack stay in a hotel at the seaside. Cool mates, sun, beachpartys – and a bit of work. But Tom also has another reason to stay in “Hotel 13″: He got a mysterious mail to search for room 13, but it doesn’t seem to exist. Tom and his friends  are going to discover things they will never forget…